Finance Benchmark

Committed to benchmarks and better practice

Committed to benchmarks and better practice

The Australian Benchmark Initiative was established to build a set of Finance benchmarks and facilitate the sharing of Finance better practice between Australian companies. As the leading source of Finance benchmarks in Australia, the Australian Benchmark Initiative studies are not to be missed and include:

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Registration to participate in the studies opens in September.
Participation is free and participants are provided with a report that compares their own performance to other leading organisations.
The studies will allow you to assess:

  • What does good look like?
  • How am I performing against my peers?
  • What are the attributes of a high performing function?
  • What is the optimal headcount for my team?
  • What should the cost of my function be?
  • What are the key trends?

The responses provide interesting trends and insights into the way Australian companies are performing, and where their future strategies lie.

For further information, including to participate in the study, register to keep in touch or purchase previous studies go to